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Thrilling Performances

Event Date & Time

15 July 2017
@6.00 pm

Event Location

National Western Complex
Denver, Colorado

The Dance an International Bullfighting Experience

 The Dance an International Bullfighting Experience will replicate the vibrant tradition and art form of bullfighting as an evolved version of a centuries-old practice designed to spare the bull while maintaining the spectacle.  To simulate the traditional bullfight, the matadors and rejoneadores, or bullfighters on horseback, use re-engineered wooden sticks with a sheet of Velcro on the stick and thrust it into a thick Velcro pad secured on the bull’s back.  Using Velcro rather than blades, bloodless bullfighting continues to be performed in California cities such as San Jose, Thornton, Artesia, Stevinson, Gustine, Walnut Creek, Patterson, Tracy and more recently in Texas .  This event will offer spectators the chance to witness some of the best toreros in the world while the bulls remain free from harm with the use of these specially designed adhesive Velcro padded banderillas.  

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Special Guest Performance

Lupita Lopez

Golden Pluma Award winner
Blanca Guadalupe López Maldonado was born in Tahmek, Yucatán. Along with her brother Carlos Lopez they are the fourth generation of bullfighters in their paternal family.

Daughter of Carlos López Herrera “El Cid” and Nelia Maldonad. At a young age at family parties and gatherings, Lupita would play being the bull while her brother who had begun bullfighting would show his matador capabilities.

She has fought in all the major arenas of Mexico. In Monterrey she won the Golden Pluma award and has also obtained trophies in Ciudad Del Carmen, Motul, Nuevo Laredo, Pachuca, Texcoco and Tlaxcala.

Lupita wants to go to Denver to demonstrate her art of bullfighting, her courage but above all her “hunger for triumph and desire to be an example for all those women who perform in activities cataloged absurdly as “of men.”


Los Toros Bravos de Roberto Martins

From Hanford, CA

João Soller Garcia

From Algueirão, Portugal


From Turlock, CA

Daniel Nunes

From Tomar Portugal




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About us

 Joe Fernandez, President of White Eagle Promotions is proud to return to his home city of Denver after 25 years to provide an experience of a lifetime.  Fernandez has been involved in multiple sports organizations and promotions in the past, most notably the infamous 1978 Orange Crush Defense promotion. White Eagle Promotions is an advocate of bloodless bullfighting, the culture that surrounds this beautiful spectacle, the art form of bullfighting and the dance between human and beast. 


Event Location

  • Event Location
    National Western Complex
    4655 Humboldt St, Denver, CO 80216
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