The Dance an International Bullfighting Experience

 The Dance an International Bullfighting Experience will replicate the vibrant tradition and art form of bullfighting as an evolved version of a centuries-old practice designed to spare the bull while maintaining the spectacle.  To simulate the traditional bullfight, the matadors and rejoneadores, or bullfighters on horseback, use re-engineered wooden sticks with a sheet of Velcro on the stick and thrust it into a thick Velcro pad secured on the bull’s back.  Using Velcro rather than blades, bloodless bullfighting continues to be performed in California cities such as San Jose, Thornton, Artesia, Stevinson, Gustine, Walnut Creek, Patterson, Tracy and more recently in Texas .  This event will offer spectators the chance to witness some of the best toreros in the world while the bulls remain free from harm with the use of these specially designed adhesive Velcro padded banderillas.  

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